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Order Guild Calendars

There are two ways to order and pay for Guild Calendars:

(1) MAIL ORDER FORM  PLUS CHECK. You can download, fill out and mail in an order form along with a check.  Prices for single and multiple calendar orders and related shipping rates are explained on the order form. To  download the order form, Click HERE.

(2) USE PayPal.  You can use PayPal to order and pay for Calendars.  As US and Canada shipping options differ, please use the appropriate PayPal link below.   If you are in another country and would like to order a calendar, please contact us at

PRICING (all amounts are US$, taxes are included):

US Calendar Prices.
1 Calendar: $15.00/each + $3.50 S/H per calendar
Avoid unintentionally increasing quantities once in your shopping cart.

Canada Calendar Prices:
1 calendars – US$15.00/each + US$4.00 S/H per calendar.
Avoid increasing quantities once in your shopping cart.

NOTE (11/12/20): only a few calendars are left in stock.

Ship within United States

1 (one) Calendar – $18.50 ($15+$3.50 s&h.US)

Ship to Canada

1 (one) Calendar – $19.00 ($15+$4 s&h.CANADA)