Volunteering - Service to the Guild

 All work of the Guild is carried out by Volunteers; the Guild employs no paid staff. There are many opportunities for volunteering, small and large. 

The Membership Form lists several specific/general Volunteer opportunities.  These are described in some detail below.  Please note that many opportunities exist for members living outside the Seattle area.

If you would like to serve in any capacity, feel free to contact the Guild President (David Chambers) whose responsibilities include coordinating the Guild’s various committees (president@nwbasketweavers.org).


Board – The Board oversees the activities of the Guild. See the Guild Handbook for full details. Consisting of 9-12 members, the Board includes 5 officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary) plus several Directors.  The Board has 4 formal meetings per year, plus an occasional meeting to deal with time-sensitive issues.  Board members serve for defined terms which start in March with the Annual Guild Meeting.  Contact David Chambers at president@nwbasketweavers.org if you would be willing to serve on the Board.

Committees (general) – The Guild has 28 Standing Committees, all of which serve specific needs of the Guild. Some Committees are quite large and active (e.g. Retreat Committee); others small are rarely active (e.g. Bylaws). Serving on a committee is an excellent way to contribute to the Guild and to get to know other Guild members. Committee heads are coordinated by the Guild President; assignments are renewed each Spring.  A full list of Committees is at the bottom of this page, and a current list of Guild Members serving on them is in the Guild Handbook (p.6).  Contact David Chambers at president@nwbasketweavers.org if you are interested.

Retreat Committee – The Retreat Committee organizes all aspects of the Guild’s 5 day annual retreat Weave in Spring. Contact Elaine Twogood at springretreat@nwbasketweavers.org for more information.

Retreat (general) – Retreat is the Guild’s largest annual event and is always in need of helpers; a solicitation for helpers accompanies the Retreat Class and Registration packet.

Workshops_Events_Meetings – This is an overly broad grouping. Workshops include those non-Retreat events listed on https://www.nwbasketweavers.org/workshops/ . Opportunities may exist to participate in the organization of one of these events, or just help out during the event. For meetings, opportunities may exist in identifying Program speakers or in-meeting activities (micro-workshops) or helping out with other aspects of a Meeting. Contact David Chambers at president@nwbasketweavers.org if you would like to help.

Communications (Newsletter, Website) – Louie Shellenberger produces the monthly Newsletter, but can always use help with content, including stories of general interest or identifying local events of interest. Richard Vogt manages the Guild Website, but could also use help with content, managing or redesigning certain pages, or producing specific pages such as a local event page (e.g. museum and gallery openings). Contact us at webadmin@nwbasketweavers.org or newsletter@nwbasketweavers.org if you would like to help.

Meeting AV (Zoom_Hybrid) – These are currently run almost exclusively by Richard Vogt. It would help enormously if there was backup, should Richard not be available. Help with Zoom is pretty easy, requiring only the knowledge of how to manage muting, chat, spotlighting, etc. Help with Hybrid Meetings involves running a Zoom meeting with external microphone, video-webcam, and PA system. Contact Richard Vogt at webadmin@nwbasketweavers.org if you would like to help.

Outreach_Teaching – From time to time the Guild is contacted to put on a demonstration, or participate in a teaching activity (hands-on or talk). There is always a need for Members willing to participate and share their knowledge and experience with others. Contact David Chambers at president@nwbasketweavers.org if you would like to help.


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