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Special Election: Guild Membership Vote to Elect New Guild Board nominees

Due to the Corona Virus we are asking the General Membership to vote to approve a slate of new Board of Directors members.  To do this, CLICK HERE TO VOTE 

You will be prompted to enter the current Username and Password for the “Members Only” section of our web site; these are the same credentials used to access the monthly Newsletter.

You are asked to vote (YES or NO) on a slate of three prospective Board Members: Joan Gallagher, Vivien Sharples, and Sue Van Wassenhove.   All are active Guild members.  If elected, each will serve a 3 year term, renewable for an additional term, and may serve as Board Officers.  Short bios of each are included below.

Voting is active through April 24, 2020.


Joan Gallagher joined NWBW around 2018. Her basketry interests stem from her youth in Hawaii where she wove Lauhalla (leaves from the hala tree) into mats, hats and leis; a splint basket class in the 1990s expanded her interests. Joan’s initial interest in NWBW was stimulated by a desire to weave with natural materials, and was rewarded by being a member of a group that shares knowledge, joy and camaraderie. Through her work, Joan has served on multiple support boards and committees, serving as resource, planner, guide and writer. “In my volunteer life I love a project, a good fund raiser, a day of service. It’s good to help your community and to keep grounded in this crazy world.”

Vivien Sharples has been a member of NWBW since the 1990s, her interests first stimulated by a class at the Basketry School in Fremont (now long gone). Her work and activities with social justice issues keep her busy, but “I was filled with joy and exhilaration as I wove that first basket… I simply adore the process [of basket making] as well as the results. My hope is that when I retire I’ll have more time to do it a lot more and improve!” As to what she can contribute to the board, Vivien writes that “I’m a good organizer, facilitator, and mediator, and I love baskets and basket makers!”

Sue Van Wassenhove has been a member of NWBW for several years. Sue and husband Joe are both active in a variety of crafts, making, collecting and traveling the world to see them. Besides her basketry, Sue makes picture quilts, carved marionettes, beading, and exceptional paper cutouts, and enjoys traditional Scandinavian dancing. Sue’s previous guild experiences include serving as VP on a Peoria IL sewing group and VP and corresponding secretary for P.E.O. As for reasons why she joined the Guild, Sue writes, “I joined NWBW because Jill Green invited me to be in a flash mob. Evidently this was a decadent group—seemed like the club for me.”