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Marilyn Moore

Making baskets isn't something I "want" to do, it is something I "have" to do. The elemental nature of baskets, thinking about what can be placed in the basket, what gives life to the inanimate object of the basket, informs my work. the basket is the container of things needed to maintain my life. memories, mementos of my own life process, are kept in the baskets that I make.

I earned a Bachelors of Fine Art, with an emphasis in fiber, from the University of Washington in 1997. I originally started making paskets with pine needles and raffia, and moved on to color by using waxed linen coiling. While in school, experimented with lots of different materials and eventually discovered wire. Wire adds a new feeling to my work, the way light reflects off it, the color and glitter of it all excite me. The materials have new limitations for me to explore, and as I continue in my life process, I am continually thrilled at the possiblities.

You can email Marilyn at marilynswired@gmail.com

Photos by Jerry McCollum