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Adding More Pine Needles

Make one stitch through and leave a loop.
Remove the sheath from 2 needle bundles and push them under the loop and into the center of the needles sticking out from the basket coil  
  Wind free end of needles around in a circle and hold like this while you pull the loop tight. This will shape them into a circle. With the thumb and forefinger, one can feel if the coils are staying flat in line with each other.  
  Continue stitching into the stitches below and adding pine needles. Keep the roll flat as it forms the bottom of the basket. 
Adding More Raffia   
  Do not tie knots in your work. They are unnecessary and unsightly. To add new raffia, thread another needle with a new piece of raffia. When threading the new raffia, put the thick end through the needle. This will prevent too much build up of raffia on the stiches that overlap.

Make your next stitch with the old raffia. Pull the new raffia through in the same hole leaving a two-inch end sticking out the front. Make your next stitch with the new piece and follow it with the old piece. On the second stitch from where the raffia was added, stitch first with the old piece, then with the new piece over it. Continue this process with one or two more stitches. Snip off the two-inch end of the new raffia and any remaining old raffia so the loose ends sticking out won't interfere with later work. 
Copyright © 1997 Marian Gee   

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