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Making A Lid

A lid can be made very much like the bottom of a basket. make the basket first, then the lid. The shape, size and style of the basket will determine a type of suitable lid. A stich pattern, color or "add-on" material can be repeated in the lid to unite the design. 

If planning a knob to be added later (pine cone, bead, bent stick), consider how it will be attached. An indentation can be planned for the top of the lid so the knob can be attached more securely. 

Making The Ring

To make this kind of lid fit on the basket, a wrapped ring of pine needles is made and attached later to the lid.

Wrap the pine needle bundle and put a half hitch every 3/4 inch to secure the wrapping. Continue wrapping until the bundle is nearly long enought to fit around the inside of the opening in the top of the basket.
To Attach A Pine Cone

Thread a piece of raffia around the pine cone, weaving it above and below the parts that stick out. Tie a knot and leave about four inches of raffia sticking out. Do this four times, coming out at four places around the cone.
Thread a needle on one of the four-inch ends of one of the loops. Position the pine cone on the lid. Sew the 4-inch end down through the lid. Tie a knot next to the under surface of the basket lid. Bring the needle back up through the lid. Tug on the end of the raffia to snug the knot tight against the bottom of the lid. Cut off what reamains of the raffia on the top of the lid. 

Copyright © 1997 Marian Gee

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