Upcoming Meetings.

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COVID (8/2/2022):
Currently we are asking those attending meetings and workshops to be vaccinated against Covid and to wear masks in doors when in the presence of others. Workshops may require proof of vaccination and a signed health waiver prior to attending; see the workshop instructions for specifics.

MONTHLY GUILD MEETINGS – open to the General Public. Please note Covid restrictions.
Monthly Guild Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month, beginning at 6:30PM (PT); meetings are open to the public. There are no meetings in July, August or December. The March meeting serves as the Annual Business Meeting.

Monthly Guild Meetings continue to be held on Zoom only.  Once folks are willing to return to in-person meetings in sufficient numbers to hold them, meetings will be hybrid, held both in-person and on Zoom. In general, meetings will continue to be Zoom only in-person attendance is deemed too low or Covid concerns too high.  Information regarding in-person meetings will be announced in advance on the Guild website and via Guild eNews (email). Zoom access information is provided in the Guild Newsletter and reminders are sent the Friday before and day of the meeting via eNews. Non-members should contact webadmin@nwbasketweavers.org for Zoom access information.

In-person meetings are held at the:
Phinney Neighborhood Center (PNC) – Room 6 (top floor)
6532 Phinney Ave. N Seattle, WA 98103.
Click HERE for a map.
For directions and other information, visit their website at www.phinneycenter.org

BOARD MEETINGS – open to all Guild Members.
Board Meetings are held at least Quarterly; the specific date and time of each are determined at the previous Board meeting. The date and time of the upcoming Board Meeting is posted above and in the Guild Newsletter.

All Board Meetings are held via Zoom. Non-Board Members should contact president@nwbasketweavers.org to be placed on the agenda if they wish to present something, or webadmin@nwbasketweavers.org for Zoom access information should they otherwise wish to attend.